There IS a globalist invasion at the southern border; FDA “vaccine” advisory is far more damning than reported; and (last but not least) Joe Biden is incontinent

I recommend you watch this full report by Alex Jones et al., whatever you may think of him—and, on that subject (his credibility), I would add that his status as an outlier has probably been engineered to make the various explosive truths that he reports seem like delusions.

More specifically, I wouldn’t be surprised if all the other media’s remarkable avoidance of the stories he reports, however hot, and solid, such news may be (a silence that seems to baffle and annoy him), were actually a policy dictated from on high, to make his stories seem (to liberals) self-evidently false: “If he’s the only one reporting it, it can’t be true”—a variant on the TDS reflex, “If Trump said it, it can’t be true!” 

I also think that Jones & Co. generally ask for such dismissal by reflexively casting all those stories as variations on the same rightist melodrama. While Jones does, to his credit, take pains to call what’s happening—on the border, and with the “vaccines,” and with the cops in general, etc.—a globalist 
accomplishment, he and his colleagues cloud that issue by harping only on “Communist China,” Soros and the UN, all familiar rightist bogeys. While those three entities are surely players (especially China, the globalists’ wet dream), it would be more accurate, and downright refreshing, if Jones et al. would not keep tacitly pretending that the CIA, FBI, DIA and NSA have all been sitting on their hands throughout this long nightmare. (Soros, who’s not really all that rich, is a CIA bagman, and not the independent author of the operations he helps fund; but it suits the rightist tilt of InfoWars to make him out to be another Rothschild.)

In any case, I think we owe it to ourselves to keep an eye on Infowars, since it’s the only outlet covering a lot of major news. (Jones’ summary of the FDA advisors’ opposition to the boosters is far superior to anything I’ve seen elsewhere throughout the media.) 


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