Funeral director John O’Looney de-registered, censored, for his truth-telling

If you haven’t watched O’Looney’s account of what he’s seen since the roll-out of C-19, please do it ASAP. (Scroll down for my Substack piece about it.)

Follow-up starts at 7:45:

“When will people wake up?”: Funeral director blows the whistle on last year’s FAKE “pandemic,” and this year’s REAL plague of “vaccine” deaths, all called “Delta” cases (MUST-SEE/SHARE)

There was no “pandemic” last year, but there IS a REAL pandemic NOW—of fatal “vaccine” injuries called “Delta” cases.

Mark Crispin Miller
Sep 16

These are my rough notes, taken as I watched this searing video.

> The number of “COVID deaths” was systematically inflated throughout 2020, by calling deaths by cancer, heart attack, car accident, etc. all “deaths by COVID.” There was no unusual spike in deaths.

> BBC deliberately staged fear-propaganda.

> Elderly in care homes euthanized with Midazolam.

> Death rate SOARED with the rollout of the “vaccination” drive, now including all ages. “I’ve never seen anything like it…. It was just awful.”
Lasted through April; then months of the “quietest” period he’d ever seen—followed by another surge of deaths “of all kinds,” among all ages. ALL “fully vaccinated.”

> BBC et al. won’t talk to him

> “Delta variant” is widely regarded in the NHS as a “vaccine” . injury, deliberately misreported as COVID.

> They’re jabbing children, inventing new “variants” to keep everyone afraid; and children will be dying from the shots, but they’ll all be misreported as due to those new “variants.”

> Funeral directors with integrity are frightened. knowing that they will be silenced if they dare speak out 

> This is a depopulation drive, carried out by killing people outright, and by sterilizing children.

> Despite the shattering of the economy, the state has built massive new prison complexes, large enough to hold 30,000 people. They include crematoria and mortuaries.’Looney-Blows-the-Whistle-on-Covid:9

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