“Support our troops”! Lawyer who helped those sickened by the anthrax vaccine will now defend those threatened by the “vaccine” mandate (as he helped troops sickened by the anthrax vaccine)

From Kristina Borjesson:

Those characterizing the Bush administration’s Afghanistan campaign and Biden Administration’s extraction of US military and those who worked for the U.S. during that campaign as an abuse of the men and women of our military forces might also keep in mind the many debilitating side-effects of the experimental anthrax vaccines that were ordered before the Gulf War which resulted in suffering severe, permanent side effects that many continue to suffer from today.

Now twenty years later, the DOD is ordering all serving men and women to take the covid vaccine, which has already proven to be dangerously problematic. One courageous lawyer, who represented the first U.S. military member to refuse the anthrax vaccine is now stepping up to help those refusing the covid vaccine. His name is Frank Spinner.

Please distribute this interview with him widely, particularly among those you know who are serving in the U.S. military and their families, in case they want to know who to turn to:

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