“Journalism Sustainability Act” would make “our free press” even less free than it is already

… assuming such a thing is even possible.

Mainstream Media’s Massive Government Payoff

Sept. 26, 2021

There’s one piece of the U.S. federal government’s $3.5 trillion spending plan you’re not hearing about on mainstream news, and one reason for that may be because it’s the media themselves who are the beneficiaries.

Dubbed the Local Journalism Sustainability Act, the legislation, if passed, could mean upward of $1 million in payroll tax credits for larger news organizations like The Philadelphia Inquirer. Specifically, it bails out failing news agencies by helping to pay reporters’ salaries with tax credits and other perks.

Several newspapers have already taken advantage of bailouts previously offered during the pandemic, with The Seattle Times getting $9.9 million while The Tampa Tribune walked off with $8.5 million.

“Every American should tell their member of Congress to oppose this idea,” The Daily Signal says. “And even more importantly, they should tell their local news outlets the same thing. No journalist subsidized with tax dollars should ever be taken seriously in this country.

“Most Americans distrust the media. They were rightfully outraged when journalists entirely ignored the Hunter Biden scandals in the final weeks of the 2020 election. But now it looks like their allies in Washington, D.C., are going to reward them for their loyalty. It will be a dark day in our nation when ‘journalists’ become beneficiaries from the federal spoils system.”

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