How COVID-19 has been used to PURGE our hospitals of doctors who put patients first: MUST-HEAR conversation with Dr. Venu Julapilli, who’s suing Houston Methodist Hospital over their “vaccine” mandate

Would that there were more doctors as principled and brave as this one; but—just as in journalism, and academia—there are all too few.


Lawsuit at Houston Methodist Hospital: Conversation with Dr. Venu Julapalli

On patient care and courage in the medical profession.

Tessa Lena Aug 25

This story is about patient care and courage in the medical profession.

It is about a brave doctor in Houston, TX, who has filed a lawsuit at the Houston Methodist Hospital.

The lawsuit was filed in the context of the COVID vaccine mandates.

On a deeper level, the lawsuit is about an attack on the professional sovereignty of physicians—and the need for the physicians to retain their right to make medical decisions based on their own conscience, expertise, and professional opinion—as opposed to the administrative directives from big hospital systems, whose motives could be potentially questionable.

In this episode of Make Language Great Again, I had the honor to interview Dr. Venu Julapalli, an impressive human being and a principled, compassionate physician. Not only is he a conscientious doctor—he is also a great philosopher, which I found extremely compelling. Dr. Julapalli’s presence, his insights into the bigger picture, his love of medicine, and his passion for the truth are extremely moving and refreshing. When you watch the interview—which is rather long but super interesting—you’ll see exactly what I mean.

We talked about everything: Dr. Julapalli’s lawsuit (00:03:57), love as a principle of medical practice, scientific censorship (00:22:22), patient care, media spin of safety issues (2:15:46 and at 2:18:39), VAERS (at 2:05:55), and so much more.

For context: this conversation was recorded about three weeks ago. Since then, the Medical Staff of the Houston Methodist Hospital has filed a counter lawsuit against Dr. Julapalli. (The Machine is scared).

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