YouTube just TOOK DOWN the 2nd part of “2020: A Propaganda Masterpiece,” some two hours after it went up….

Late last night, Part 2 of “2020: A Propaganda Masterpiece” went up; then YouTube took it down, claiming copyright infringement (vis-a-vis the pro wrestling footage in the segment about Trump). That claim was quickly settled, so the interview went up again toward noon (EST).

And then, a few hours later—some 400 people having watched it—YouTube took it down again, now claiming that it violates their “community standards.” 

So now we—that is, the filmmakers and I, and, we hope, you—must do our best to spread the word about this second part of my analysis of the unprecedented propaganda nightmare we’ve been living in since January, 2020, and from which some of us are working to wake everybody up.

We talk about Covidian repression of free speech and scientific inquiry (with particular attention to the criminal distortion of the truth about hydroxychloroquine); Donald Trump as the first Pro Wrestling President of the United States (a TV mountebank absurdly magnified into a second Adolf Hitler, from whom the CIA and FBI must rescue us); Black Lives Matter as a BRAND in service to the billionaires intent on gulping down the whole economy; the PSY-OP in the Capitol on January 6th, ludicrously cast as “an attempted coup” by countless empty talking heads (and, incredibly, Noam Chomsky), so as to make “conspiracy theory” seem so grave a threat that we must now “rethink” the First Amendment; and—not least—the media’s near-total blackout on the vast and ever-growing international resistance to the “New World Order” based on all those propaganda lies.

Small wonder, then, that YouTube (that is, Google) took it down so fast. Please do what you can to help us spread the word about it anyway: 

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