COVID crumbles in Canada!

This is indeed major news, and, for once, GOOD news. Let’s all of us now working to reverse the blood-dimmed tide of COVID tyranny use Patrick King’s court victory as a way forward: i.e., when they justify their catastrophic rules and policies by saying, “Because COVID,” we say, “Prove it.”

And they can’t. They can repeat their terroristic talking points until they’re blue in the face, and go on invoking their own prior claims as “proof” that their new claims aren’t merely claims but “science”; and while such jive will work in certain legal venues, the corruption having spread that far, it won’t work everywhere; and—crucially—as long as more and more of us stand up, speak out, and assemble in such numbers that they can’t try to arrest us (especially when cops and troops and stand with us),
we will be free of them at last.

And then will come the time when we must hold them all accountable, determine why and how this happened, and see to it that it never does again.


MAJOR NEWS as COVID Crumbles in Canada: Public Health CMO Deena Henshaw and State of Alberta, Canada Forced to Retract ALL COVID Mask, Vaccine, Quarantine Mandates On Lack of Material Evidence to Prove COVID-19 Virus Exists in Canadian Patriot Patrick King Court Case

No COVID-19/SARS-COV-2 Virus exists, this is now a known fact, acknowledged by the CDC, the UK Government, the US Government, the Canadian government which several doctors, scientists, microbiologists, molecular biologists such as Dr. Andrew Kaufman have been repeatedly informing the world, while journalists and investigative researchers like Frances Leader, Christine Massey, Dr. Robert Young, Gemma Doherty, Jon Rappoport have published the responses made by Public Health departments confessing to them they “have no information on the isolation or purification of the SARS-COV-2 virus.”

Now the Alberta Government and Public Health office have been forced to concede publicly they are at fault for playing Pandemic Hoax on the people of Alberta (while still bizarrely pretending they see COVID-19 as a disease people need to shield from–more on this below), directly as a result of Patrick King’s major court victory on July 24, 2021 where attorneys for the Crown, Canada’s government conceded the CMO has no material evidence of the existence of the SARS-COV-2 virus–the very reason the entire Pandemic Fraud has been unleashed, to great detriment, on the entire world.

Dr. Deena Hinshaw, Chief Medical Officer, Alberta, Canada/Image: Alberta’s Dr. Deena Hinshaw apologizes for ‘confusion, fear or anger’ over lifting of COVID-19 measures/Toronto Star/August 4, 2021

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