Giuseppe de Donno, Italian doctor PUNISHED for saving COVID-19 patients, found hanged

From Kathi Roussel:

This is a video from the funeral which took place [yesterday] morning in Mantova, Italy, of Dott. Giuseppe de Donno who conceived Hyperimmune Plasma treatment for Covid patients (even those who were critically ill and on a ventilator) using the donated plasma of someone who had recovered from Covid. He successfully cured hundreds of people using this method at a cost of €80 per patient. His moment of glory was when he cured a pregnant patient and was able to hold the healthy baby of the patient in his arms. Despite his efforts to share this cure with the Italian Ministry of Health it was continuously ignored and he is was at a loss as to why this should have been. He was fired from his role as Professor of Pneumology at the University of Pavia and went to work as a General Practitioner, and aimed to open a private clinic that was independent of the jaws of Big Pharma where he could cure patients using hyper immune plasma. He was found dead, hanged, a few days ago in Italy. The press say he committed suicide.

His death coincides with the authorisation and introduction of what are known as Monoclonal Antibody treatments which are produced in a Big Pharma laboratory, following the same logic of Plasma treatments and will be available at a cost of €2000 per patient. His family are working to raise funds to build and maintain the clinic to continue his work of saving fatally ill Covid patients. All his patients recovered within a few days. His Wikipedia page has been removed. Please share this and his photo below so that people know that a successful cure existed for those who were otherwise destined to die. R.I.P. Dott. Giuseppe de Donno. May you live on in the hearts of all of us.

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