BILD’s apology to Germany’s children

Can you imagine any of Reichelt’s American (or British) counterparts coming out with such a statement? (I can’t.)


From Dick Atlee:

Thanks, Mark! Below is the translation I typed from the captions.

Julian Reichelt, CEO of Bild Magazine

August 2, 2021

Video w/subtitles (below):


With a circulation of currently about 1.37 million copies daily, the BILD newspaper published by the Axel-Springer Publishing Company
is Germany’s largest and most popular tabloid.

To the millions of children in this country for whom our society is
responsible, I want to express here what neither our government nor our Chancellor dares to tell you. We ask you to forgive us.

Forgive us for this policy, which for a year and a half, has made you
victims of violence, neglect, isolation and loneliness. Sorry for this
policy and media coverage which, like poison, made you feel like you were a mortal danger to society. You are not a danger to society, don’t believe this lie.

It’s up to us to protect you. What happened to our children, many people, and Bild, denounced it. Nothing happened. Merkel organized a summit for children? No. Instead, we persuaded our children that they were going to murder their grandma if they dared to be what they are, children. Or if they met their friends. None of this has been scientifically proven.

It was easy to force that on the children, they can’t defend themselves and they don’t vote. When a state steals the rights of a child, it must prove that by doing so it protects him against concrete and imminent danger. This proof has never been provided. It has been replaced by propaganda presenting the child as a vector of the pandemic.

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