What we CAN do, this week (and every week), to save our world: Cash Friday!

As Catherine Austin Fitts has noted time and time again (including the interview we did on May 20), it was not “the virus” that brought on this global nightmare, any more than it was a covert platoon of Islamist fanatics that kicked off the “war on terror” 20 years ago (and I won’t indulge myself by going on to note the many other cartoon-simple propaganda fictions that have been deployed to shatter and befuddle us time after time).

No, it was not “the virus”—whether natural or lab-concocted, accidentally or deliberately released—that has nearly done us in, but the high financial powers that are using it, with fiendish skill, to wrest complete control of the economy, and all the rest of us. To that end, they plan to do away with cash, replacing it with digital currency, with every transaction closely AI-managed to keep everyone in line, and thereby turn the whole world into China. (Scroll down for some good summations, sent to me by Carl Polizzi, of what the central bankers mean by “going direct.”)

So how do we stay free from that dystopia? Let’s start by honoring cash, and not just in theory, but in practice—with Cash Friday:

I urge you to go there and read it all; but here’s the gist:


1. Use cash whenever you can but on Friday cash only for as long as it takes.

2. Download the #cashfriday slogans and spread it throughout all your social media platforms. It’s especially important not to type out #cashfriday because of algorithms and censorship.

3. Keep it going for as long as it takes

1, 2 and 3 are simple. If you really want to take it further, we are including links on how to find a local bank and other reports on how to take big bank and corporation tyranny out of your life.

We are making these reports available to the public to add strength to the momentum.

So let’s make Cash Friday a preparation for something bigger and that something bigger is sovereignty and freedom for all humanity.

Enough said. This Friday, make every effort not to pay for anything except with cash.

It’s called “Going Direct.” That’s the financial bailout plan designed and authored by former central bankers now on the payroll at BlackRock, an investment manager of $7 trillion in stock and bond funds. The plan was rolled out in August 2019 at the G7 summit of central bankers in Jackson Hole, Wyoming—months before the public was aware of any financial crisis. One month later, on September 17, 2019, the U.S. Federal Reserve would begin an emergency repo loan bailout program, making hundreds of billions of dollars a week in loans by “going direct” to the trading houses on Wall Street.”
~ Pam and Russ Martens

The “novel” coronavirus pandemic marks the greatest turning point in U.S. monetary history since the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913. The Virus Pandemic and the Federal Reserve are fascinating historical figures for many reasons, starting with the deceptions their very names work on the public. “Federal” Reserve falsely implies that “the Fed” is an agency of the federal government when in fact it is a cartel of 12 private banks acting in concert from different locations to skim interest payments off the top of the U.S. money supply in perpetuity. “Coronavirus pandemic” deliberately misdiagnoses the real disease at the root of the current crisis, which is not in fact any virus (hint: it has a 99+% survival rate) but rather a radical plan for the eventual takeover of the U.S. monetary system by the privately owned Federal Reserve.
~ John Titus, The Going Direct Reset

John’s analysis gives us the specifics we need to effectively communicate that what is happening is not an economic downturn, but an economic “turndown.” A handful of central bankers agreed to shut down the global economy, and they did. Governor Kristi Noem of South Dakota — a state that did not shut down its economy, its churches or its small businesses—said in a recent speech that Covid-19 did not shut down the U.S. economy, the government did. She was on the right track but did not go far enough. It was not the government—it was the central banks. The balance of power that has existed for more than a century—with the central banks running monetary policy and electorates in the Western democracies voting in legislators and executives who oversee fiscal policy—is over. The long slow erosion of electorate power that began with the financial coup and globalization in the mid-1990s has culminated in a process of consolidation. The central bankers have taken over. They are “going direct.”

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