This week’s biggest news—on protests worldwide, “vaccine” dangers, anti-“anti-vaxxer” lies, food shortages and much, much more—in latest SAMIZDAT

Interessante artikelen week #30
De maand is het boek ‘The Truth is Out There’ verschenen. Ik heb een hoofdstuk over 5G bijgedragen.
“Het stigma rondom complotdenken laat een wereld van nuances verdwijnen. Dit boek werpt nieuw licht op de complexe discussies over waarheidsvinding, en vooral ook op hen die de dominante verklaringen hekelen. Wie zijn deze mensen nu eigenlijk? Waarom zijn zij afgehaakt bij de officiële waarheid? Wat zijn hun ideeën en overtuigingen? En wat stimuleert hun honger naar andere kennis?” Voor meer informatie – zie libris.

Worldwide Freedom Rally (off-guardian)
” They are not protesting for abstract political reasons, they are fighting – peacefully for now – for their lives, their livelihoods, for their children and grandchildren – and they are not going away.” – Joanna Sharp in OffGuardian

The Propaganda War (And How to Fight It) (consentfactory)
Interesting proposal by C.J. Hopkins – change the narrative through use of a symbol, and break through the mainstream propaganda bubble. Reality can be artifically managed through the use of specific words and stories, and supression of alternatives. This is aptly pointed out by Orwell in 1984, and by any propaganda master. To change our situation, we need to change the narrative. Use different words, call things out as they are. Something similar was pointed out by Chris Hedges in his book ‘Wages of Rebellion. The Moral Imperative of Revolt’.
“Foremost among their mechanism of control is the control of ideas. Ruling elites ensure that the established intellectual class is subservient to an ideology – in this care, neoliberalism and globalization – that conveniently justifies their greed. The ruling ideas are nothing more than the ideal expression of the dominant material relationships.” (p. 63)
“Revolutions, when they begin, are invisible, at least to the wider society. They start with the slow discrediting and dismantling of an old ideology and an old language used to interpret reality and justify power” (P. 67.)
“Human beings do not live in an objective world alone, […] but are very much at the mercy of a particular language which has become the medium of expression of their society”
“Resistance, as Berkman points out, is first about learning to speak differently and abandoning the vocabulary of the ‘rational’ technocrats” (p. 70)
We are in need of a new vocabulary. One that enables us to describe and confront reality. See my website for workshops in which I confront the official narratives and and the realities that they hide.
New Normal Newspeak #2: “Vaccine” If the Covid19 shots “reduce symptoms”, but don’t prevent infection or transmission…are they truly “vaccines”? (off-guardian)
The ‘vaccines’ are not vaccines. Not from a legal, technical or medical point of view. Let’s stop calling them so.
Shocking piece of “antivax” propaganda, produced by a joint venture of ARD and ZDF, the big German state TV channels. (youtube -via CJ Hopkins)
YouTube Flexes Power Over World Leaders By Summarily Deleting Content (technocracy)
Remember when the initial decision to not use Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin was based on data from a fake company run by a known scammer and a former adult actress? Yes, that really happened.. (theculturechronicles)

Mobilising Against the Corporate Hijack of Agriculture and the UN Food Systems Summit (off-guardian)
“those being granted a pivotal role at the UN Food Systems Summit support industrial food systems that promote ultra-processed foods, deforestation, industrial livestock production, intensive pesticide use and commodity crop monocultures, all of which cause soil deterioration, water contamination and irreversible impacts on biodiversity and human health.”

Global Shipping Crisis Far Worse Than Imagined (williamengdahl)
Inflation Shock: Are You Ready To Start Paying “$40 Or $50” For A Hamburger? (investmentwatchblog)
‘Boodschappen gaan duurder worden’ (nos)
Maar geen woord over inflatie..
‘Pingdemic’ Triggers Widespread Panic Hoarding At UK Supermarkets (zerohedge)
How wonderful, to let the AI manage your society. What can possibly go wrong?
The NHS app runs on Palantir software – which is widely used by other institutions in the EU. Link to Palantir article (dutch)

Pegasus Unveiled: The Cyber-Surveillance Weapon Of Scientific Dictatorship (technocracy)
Pentagon Reportedly Tracking “Extremist” Web Searches Including “The Truth About Black Lives Matter” (zerohedge)

Federal Lawsuit Seeks Immediate Halt of COVID Vaccines, Cites Whistleblower Testimony Claiming CDC Is Under-Counting Vaccine Deaths (childrenshealthdefense)
“The 67-page motion requests the judge issue a preliminary injunction for the following reasons:
There is no emergency, which is a prerequisite to issuing EUA and EUA renewals for COVID vaccines.There is “no serious or life-threatening disease or condition.”Vaccines do not diagnose, treat or prevent SARS-CoV-2 or COVID.Known and potential risks of the vaccine outweigh their known and potential benefits.There are adequate, approved and available alternatives to vaccines.Healthcare professionals and vaccine candidates are not adequately informed.”
Physician Group Says COVID Shot Home Visits Unconstitutional and Unethical (technocracy)
Johnson & Johnson and 3 distributors ready to settle opioid lawsuits for $26B: report
That’s reassuring. Really the type of company to trust to inject whole populations with an experimental therapy.
Arts mogelijk aansprakelijk voor schade door vaccin (advocatenblad)

The Demonization of the Unvaxxed (off-guardian)
Mapping Tyranny: The Countries Where Vaccination Is Mandatory (zerohedge)
French Face 6 Months In Jail For Entering A Bar Or Restaurant Without A COVID Pass

More Bad News For Mask Wearers (principia-scientific)
Major Johns Hopkins Study Concludes Zero COVID Deaths Among Healthy Kids (technocracy)

MIT: Vaccine Hesitancy Highly Informed, Scientifically Literate, Sophisticated
Top Aussie Health Officer: Don’t Even Talk To Anyone (technocracy)
They are really, really desparate. “Please relinquish your humanity and submit to the machine”

Corruption in the Medical Establishment. Unpleasant facts. (tessa lena)
‘The Whole Truth’ on Monsanto’s Campaign to Discredit Scientists, Deceive Public
““The Whole Truth About the Monsanto Papers,” by Gilles-Eric Seralini and Jérôme Douzelet, details how Monsanto compromised scientific journals, academies, regulatory agencies, media and governments to deceive the public about the toxicity of Monsanto’s flagship herbicide, Roundup.”
Why I’m challenging the FCC about antiquated safety standards for wireless devices (Devra Davis, washingtontimes)
“Would you let your family fly in a plane or ride in a bus that meets 25-year-old safety standards? Yet, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) assures us that wireless devices that meet last-century standards can safely be used by infants, toddlers and the rest of us.”

George Soros & Bill Gates lead buyout of UK Covid testing company (RT)
Dr David Martin Reveals who patented the corona virus (youtube)

Scientists Create Injectable Swarm of Brain Reading Nanosensors (futurism)
“They say it could diagnose neurological disorders or allow for powerful brain-computer interfaces.”

Video: Graphene Oxide: A Toxic Substance in the Vial of the COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine
Merck, Inbrain to co-develop graphene-based bioelectronic therapies (principia-scientific)

Ivermectine Covid Consult (ivermectine)

Second Week in a Row: More Post COVID Vax Deaths than COVID Deaths (principia-scientific)
18,928 DEAD, 1.8 Million Injured (50% SERIOUS) Reported in European Union’s Database of Adverse Drug Reactions for COVID-19 Shots (globalresearch)
“Never before in modern, or even ancient history, have governments around the world acted in unison to force a medical procedure upon all their populations, and silence all dissenters who try to sound the warning alarm, which include tens of thousands of doctors and scientists.
The European Union database of suspected drug reaction reports is EudraVigilance, and they are now reporting 18,928 fatalities, and 1,823,219 injuries, following COVID-19 injections.”
Freedom of Information Request Reveals 5,522 People have Died Within 28 Days of Receiving COVID-19 Vaccines in Scotland (healthimpactnews)
Doctors for COVID Ethics: J’Accuse! The Gene-based “Vaccines” are Killing People. Governments Worldwide Are Lying to You the People, to the Populations They Purportedly Serve (globalresearch)
Will mRNA Flu Vaccines Get Emergency Use Authorization Next? (mercola)
Surprising Ways COVID-19 Will Destroy Your Immune System (mercola)
“The excessive and liberal use of antimicrobial products like household and industrial disinfectants, hand sanitizers and other cleaners is raising the risk of AMR (antimicrobial resistance ) in the environment”
Spacex to begin worldwide service in august (cellphonetaskforce, pdf)
Satellites for 5G to connect delivery vans seamlessly (techxplore)
Vienna Is the New Havana Syndrome Hot Spot (newyorker)
“Roughly two dozen possible new cases have been reported by U.S. spies and diplomats in the Austrian capital, more than in any other city except Havana itself.”
Austria is working with US to investigate ‘Havana syndrome’ cases among American diplomats (sott)
The Mystery of the Havana Syndrome (newyorker)
Unexplained brain injuries afflicted dozens of American diplomats and spies. What happened?

Dam Near China’s Flooded Zhenghou City Collapses, Third In Last 48 Hours (zerohedge)
Chinese Residents Struggle in Rising Floodwater (theepochtimes)
Overstroming in de metro (Twitter)

Websites van onder meer banken en kranten onbereikbaar (NOS)
Nothing to Do with Cyber Polygon: Tens of Thousands of Websites Worldwide Went Offline Today (investmentwatchblog)

These 3 Deceptively Simple Questions Can Shatter the Mythology that Sanctifies U.S. Imperialism (covertactionmagazine)
* Samizdat (wikipedia)
Samizdat (Russisch: самиздат) is een term uit de Russische literatuur ten tijde van de Sovjet-Unie, later ook gebruikt in de satellietstaten van de USSR in het Oostblok. Het is de aanduiding voor clandestien gedrukte en uitgegeven literatuur, die vanwege een controversiële of kritische inhoud niet officieel uitgegeven mocht worden. Vladimir Boekovski gaf de volgende omschrijving van het begrip:
“Samizdat: ik schrijf zelf, ik redigeer zelf, ik censureer zelf, ik geef zelf uit, ik verspreid zelf”

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