Why the sudden loosening of the COVID-19 propaganda narrative?

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“In a recent conversation with NYU Professor Mark Crispin Miller, he offered the following perspective. Said Miller, “They may be preparing to drop the whole Covid narrative in order to hit us with an even more frightening and incapacitating attack of some kind.”
This would explain why the powers that be don’t seem to care too much about getting exposed. The same arrogant bastards are smiling on TV, getting book deals, etc. It just seems like they don’t care anymore…it’s as thought they’re thinking, “well the world’s gonna end soon anyway..”

@Andy – Well, since you mentioned “it’s as thought they’re thinking, “well the world’s gonna end soon anyway..” I’ll just add that some are saying that Earth goes through catastrophes every 12,000 years and that the last one was 12,000 years ago. Our sun apparently has a “micronova” event on a regular basis. This will makes sense to those who have read Velikovsky’s World’s in Collision, Professor Robert Schoch’s book or are familiar with the work of Graham Hancock and Randall Carlson (good interviews with Joe Rogan). We’re pretty much talking about a back to the stone age event. At minimum, the Earth’s magnetosphere is weakening, so going forward in time, we are going to have more extreme weather as cosmic rays will have an easier time reaching the planet. It’s possible that we could have another Carrington event. A good channel on all of this is here: He has informative playlists and just put out a video saying a disaster is coming (maybe within the next 10-25 years). I think this is why they staged the 2012 hysteria hoax, so that when people warned of something real, nobody would believe them (they would just assume it’s another hoax). I’ve wondered if this is why the cabal seems to be rushing to bring in their NWO/Great Reset. Professor McCanney says this is why they have built those D.U.M.B.s (deep underground military bases)–he says it won’t work out well for them.

Covid has never been isolated, according to germ theory or Koch’s postulate. If people understood this fact without glossing over it—the ruse would be up. Covid is just a propaganda campaign to increase fear & vaccine uptake. The vaccine is the real disease. If you believe a genetically engineered “gain-of-function” virus escaped from a communist lab—that would be scary. Maybe scary enough to take an experimental “vaccine” that has shown to have serious side effects and kill many in a short time.

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