Justin “Son of Fidel” Trudeau makes a deal with Pfizer for enough “booster” shots to kill most everyone in Canada by 2024

That nickname is no joke. (Gossip warning:)

They say that Margaret Trudeau, a free and easy spirit, did the deed with Fidel Castro; which, from the look of it, is true: Justin looks a lot more like Fidel than like his alleged dad, Pierre Trudeau.

And his topdown style of governance also looks a lot more like Fidel’s than like that of any democratic head of state—though, unlike Castro, Trudeau is just another globalist sock puppet, following a script; nor would Castro have partnered with Big Pharma to reduce the numbers of his people. (These days I would much rather live in Cuba than in Canada, just as I’d rather live in Nicaragua than in Australia or New Zealand.)

In any case, they need—we need—a revolution up in Canada, and elsewhere in what once was called “the free world,” eh?

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