“We have to stop it!”: The Fuellmich/McCullough interview that broke the sound barrier

I don’t believe there’s ever been a moment of such urgency; and that is not hyperbole. The world has certainly been wounded by catastrophe before, but never by a (man-made) global danger, all at once; and never in the guise of a campaign to save us, and save Nature, while actively destroying us, and sterilizing her.

That comforting disguise, with its kind mask, has made this worldwide Holocaust invisible—has had its victims clamoring to board that final train, and have their children either wiped out, too, or, should they survive, incapable of procreation, while those high above us, engineering this catastrophe, have had as many children as they like. The key to their success (so far) at mass extermination is that they have not relied primarily on force, the way the Bolsheviks and Nazis did, but, this time, on mass hypnosis and seduction, carried out primarily through propaganda, which has us seeing our killers as our rescuers.

We might call them ravening wolves, disguised as sheep, except that such old-fashioned creatures are (unless we act) doomed, too, since They no doubt intend to kill the wolves, and other nasty quadrupeds, along with us, while engineering new and better “sheep.”

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McCullough: “To me what was masterful was the psychological part of this…”
Us 9/11Truth activists are thinking, “well, duh!” Where were all of you smart doctors and lawyers for the past fucking twenty years? I’m glad that they’ve woken up, finally, but it’s been crickets on 9/11 all this time. If 9/11 had been exposed, none of this would’ve been possible! For example, McCullough went on Ingraham…she was the MOST dismissive of 9/11Truth, making all the typical “wacky conspiracy theorist” ad hominems, etc. Thanks to people like her, we are now in this Gatesian hellscape.

@Andy- Yes, I’ve had that same thought! If these people woke up when 9/11 truthers were screaming from the rooftops about 9/11 being a false flag, then we wouldn’t be in this genocidal hell-show right now.

Also, on the psychological warfare, early on in this global psyop, Jason Goodman out of NYC, was going around to all the hospitals and what he saw did NOT fit the narrative from the MSM (tons of ambulances lined up, parked and doing nothing, EMTs relaxing, and hospitals, ER waiting rooms and testing tents all empty). He noted that the key story that set the narrative was a NYT article about Dr. Colleen Smith, who talked about “apocalyptic” conditions at Elmhurst Hospital,which was supposedly “pandemic central” with bodies piling up, etc. He found out that Dr.Smith is a self-proclaimed “medical simulation specialist” and noted that this story was picked up around the world and set the “deadly virus” narrative. More on this here:

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