Some warning signs to be aware of (without fear)

That something wicked this way comes, and that it may concern an “alien invasion” putting 9/11 in the shade, is (as I’ve noted) speculation based on the sudden prominence of UFOs and the possibility of (hostile) life on “other worlds,” etc., within the larger context of the PANIC PROPAGANDA drive that started, in a sense, with the “Islamist attack” on the Twin Towers, then continued through the climate terror starring Greta “I Want You to Panic” Thunberg and Xtinction Rebellion (a terror that is far from over), and that has reached a sort of climax with the unprecedented global terror of “the virus.”

I say “sort of climax” to leave room for what may well be coming next, whether it’s a bogus “alien invasion,” bogus Russian/ Chinese “cyber-attack,” engineered food shortage (like the famine in Ukraine gone global), deliberate power outage, or two of them, or three, or all of them at once. When it comes to the designs of the elite, one always must remember Edgar’s wise words in King Lear, “The worst is not/ So long as we can say, ‘This is the worst.'”

Concerning that “invasion” from another world, let’s note the current blast of ads for “War on the Worlds,” Season Two, from Epix (see the attached); and also this piece by the now-irrelevant Caitlin Johnstone, for the now-largely-irrelevant Consortium News, both having decided to go Chomsky on the apocalyptic war now being waged on nature and humanity itself—which is to say that they’re ignoring it, by acting like it’s 2019, and all the usual lefty issues matter just as much as ever, if not more then ever: e.g., “Caitlin Johnstone advises readers to question the latest episode of Cold War propaganda.” That’s the subhead of her latest in Consortium News, “Media Using UFO Report to Stir Arms Race.”

Yeah, well, maybe. Maybe not; and if the purpose of what seems to be a whole lot of predictive programming is not to “stir [an] arms race,” but to prime us for an “unprecedented” hit by “terrorists” from Outer Space (I put “unprecedented” in scare quotes, because it will have been “precedented” by Orson Welles’ 1938 radio adaptation of War of the Worlds), then Caitlin’s piece, and Consortium News, will have been part of that propaganda drive, which, at this point, is somewhat more concerning that the Cold War propaganda drive against the Kremlin.

I don’t mean to single those two out (Caitlin and Consortium News), since such perverse blindness to reality is not at all unique to them, but widespread (one might even say “pandemic”) all throughout the left today, which is most certainly on the wrong side of this all-important fight. Some might say that “the left” is the wrong side—a credible position, what with Amy Goodman, Michael Moore, TruthOut, The Progressive and all too many others doing full-time fear-porn for the worldwide COVID-19 “vaccination” drive, their efforts quite impossible to tell apart from the obscene fear porn that permeates the New York Times. Then there are other cases of the same astonishing business-as-usual tunnel vision that’s afflicting Caitlin Johnstone and Consortium News; I’m thinking mainly (and sadly) of the revived CovertAction, which I’m not sure Philip Agee would approve.

In any case, this is just a preface to an email by my friend Matt Witt, occasioned partly by my last email on this subject of the coming fear campaign—which will be less effective, the more of us become aware both of its likelihood (while hoping that we’re wrong) of its likely theme; Matt runs down a number of them here.

Those following some exchange here and/or from Mark Crispin Miller’s feed, News From Underground, may be tracking news item spikes in UFO storylines. 

I only noticed these after Mark called them out. I write now about what could be correlated. Anybody here knowing more than average about Basel III, please chime in. Forgive me if I come late to the discussion. 

I learned this weekend about the Basel III agreements, a package of phased in financial regulatory reforms from the EU with major implications for financial markets in Europe and the U.S.

June 28th there is scheduled Basel III rule adoptions (CRD 5 and CRR 2) with direct effects on precious metals exchanges for European banks that will exert enormous pressure on the U.S. bullion market. Reddit’s Wall Street Silver and any number of YouTube doomsday preppers have been raising flags on metals markets for quite a while, inspiring the Spartacus-like movement on silver shorts a few months back. 

The June 28th deadline might be postponed. But the writing seems on the wall for the derivatives markets in gold and silver. 

If the U.S. COMEX were to collapse under these pressures, silver and gold values could sky-rocket as the USD incurs major inflationary pressure. 

For that matter, and to MCM’s premonitory warnings: From (reputed) cyber-attacks in New York recently (and those occurring in other states weeks ago), to Klaus Schwab’s prediction of these months back, some disaster-managed scenarios seem quite plausible.

Links below include: 1) June 3 piece in NYT that fits the limited hangout model to a tee; 2) how Basel III will affect precious metals markets; 3) and a fact sheet on the June 28 adoptions (from piece written in 2019).

The NYT piece is pretty startling. The insinuation that Russia and/or China “could/might/maybe/who knows/” possess super-sonic jet capacity like what navy jet pilots have logged as UFOs, means that a major incident of implied/imputed UFO-linked provenance on U.S. soil could trigger pandemonium and martial law here if not also abroad, furnishing the U.S. State Dept. cover for any number of Orwellian initiatives; all of which would hyper-vilify “conspiracy theorizing” about real causes of financial collapse and the WEF agenda for UBI and digital currency adoption, to say nothing of security measures in population management.

To Mark’s points about the vaccine agenda needing a booster shot: these scenarios could actualize Operation Warp Speed in a matter of weeks. 

For whatever that’s worth.


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