Naomi Wolf suspended on Twitter

Twitter has suspended Naomi Wolf, for trying to post this two-minute video, in which he merely reads aloud a press release from Oregon State Sen. Kim Thatcher’s office, concerning SB 872, her bill to ban vaccine passports and mask mandates in that state.

Here is the offending text:

Twitter is itself a menace, wholly (dare I say it?) un-American in its arbitrary and authoritarian censorship. I stopped using Twitter months ago, having been shadow-banned, just as I’ve long been on Erase-book. To hell with both of them, and the state agencies covertly in cahoots with them.

We need urgently to bust them up. They’re now too big, their censorship becoming downright dangerous. Let’s think about how we might use the antitrust laws to disintegrate them both—and Google, too, of course (or Google most of all), as well as Amazon.

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