Let’s BOYCOTT Branch-Covidian businesses in NYC (and elsewhere), and find our own clandestine spots to eat/drink, and enjoy music!

It was the East End Bar & Grill, 1664 1st Ave. in NYC, that refused service to NFU subscriber David Penner, because he had no proof of “vaccination.” Let’s spread the word that only lemmings go there to eat and drink.

Alan Young, an editor at New York Music Daily (and one of us), wrote me with this great idea:

GatesCuomo’s trying to weaponize music venues as well. Here’s the relevant New York state boilerplate:

Genius marketing: Build a clientele who’re going to be dead next year.

Obviously, not all venues are doing this. But there’s never been a better time to support our circle of clandestine venues and speakeasies—or start one!

Alan Young
The Editors
New York Music Daily/Lucid Culture

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