A new book on the Zyprexa scandal, and Eli Lilly’s drive to crush the lawyer who broke it open (through Alex Berenson, then at the NYTimes)

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The hardcover edition of my book, The Zyprexa Papers, is now available from Amazon here for $34.95.   It is also available for the same price from Barnes & Noble here, and most book stores, at least in the United States, can order it. 

The differences from the paperback and Kindle versions is the addition of an index and bibliography.  To me, if it is not a hardship, the hardcover is worth it for one of the index entries.   I am sure you will know which one I mean if you explore the index.  Of course, you have to buy the book to look for it in the index.  <grin> 

This is the first paragraph of the book. 

“It was just a normal day before Dr. David Egilman called me out of the blue on November 28, 2006. The days are short that time of year in Anchorage, Alaska, and it was getting dark by mid-afternoon. Dr. Egilman told me he had been hired as an expert witness by one of the law firms representing patients who had taken Zyprexa and contracted diabetes or other metabolic problems. He wanted to know about documents relating to Zyprexa I might have. In truth, he was feeling me out to see whether I might be willing to subpoena him, so he could legally send me secret documents. These documents revealed the pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly (Lilly) had from the beginning suppressed information showing Zyprexa caused these life-threatening conditions. In addition, they showed Lilly had illegally marketed this powerful and dangerous drug for use in children and the elderly. He wanted me to then send them to Alex Berenson, a reporter for The New York Times with whom he was already working on a Zyprexa exposé.” 

Less than a month later, The New York Times began running a series of front page stories and Lilly went after me with a vengeance.  The legendary Judge Jack Weinstein said I had “conspired to steal” the documents and Lilly threatened me with criminal contempt and to try and have me disbarred.   In my not so humble opinion it is quite a story, including my efforts to stop the State of Alaska from drugging my client, Bill Bigley, into oblivion.  Dr. Healy wrote in his review of The Zyprexa Papers in the journal Psychosis:   

Many people coming to this book might figure that the Bigley saga plays second fiddle to what is after all called The Zyprexa Papers. A switch from the dizzying heights of New York courtroom drama to an Alaskan backwater. But Bill Bigley’s case is the beating heart of this book. The Zyprexa papers are the bait for Gottstein’s masterly portrayal of how the system treated Bill and will treat you and anyone you know who comes into contact with it.  

Dr. Healy is the founder of Samizdat Health Writer’s Co-operative, which is publishing the hardcover edition.  He wrote the review before there was any idea Samizdat might publish the hardcover edition and is glad to be able to publish it. 

If you get the hardcover edition let me know when you find the index entry I am so fond of. 

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