CAVEAT: Florida’s forced-vaccination law has actually been on the books for 20 years

Thanks to John-Michael Dumais for alerting me to this correction.

This is an old bill, and one of the key reasons we initially steered away from Florida. DeSantis should have amended it. What is not mentioned is the vaccine registry for the elderly. See below.

Good morning fellow Patriots, it’s important to outline what transpired in order to be very clear on what this post has depicted. Gov. DeSantis did not sign into law forced vaccination. This (unfortunately) has been in law for almost 20 years now. Pre Desantis. It allows the Health Department under a state of emergency, if they deem necessary, to use any force necessary, quarantine, isolate or vaccinate an individual. Health Freedom Florida has been fighting to remove this language for years. More recently, FFK and other health freedom grass roots have also joined this fight to remove this language. Last session Legislator Anthony Sabatini created a bill (HB6003) which struck out the word vaccine under the existing law. It did not move through a single committee. Legislators had the opportunity to do this and get it to Densatis. They failed to take action. If we are Constitutionalist we would understand that is how law making works. Thus, the calls need to be into the legislators demanding to know why they kept this in place. Regarding the amendment SB2006; this section referenced was amended to support the protection for schools, businesses and government agencies from using “vaccine passports” or proof of vaccination documentation. There was value in this last minute modification. It’s important to note under this section legislators also struck out a mute word and that is being used to create the image that this forced vaccination was added. We need to be factual here or we become part of the misinformation campaign. Simply stated, Desantis did not put into law forced vaccines.

Considerations; why is this being pushed out now? Bill was signed a while ago. Why after DeSantis announces re-election? Why are we being mislead? What’s the goal? Things to ask. Or quite possibly being pushed for pressure to get this law removed? Possibly. And that’s a possibility. But again we still need to be factual.

(To the writer, who’s the source on this? We know some people who have been spinning this about Desantis but motivations are important to consider there. Very unclear as to why Desantis is being pitted as the fall guy… and, don’t know who posted this and it isnt an attack on them. But it’s important that we be factual.)

It’s a very bad law.
But It did not become law by Desantis.

If this law upsets you.
Call your legislators and tell them you Need protection. Anti discrimination law protecting our health status. We should be a protected class. It’s time we protect the unvaccinated, immune and vaccinated. We do this by adding health status to the protected class.

Liberty USA

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