ALERT! “We are in the last battle”: RFK, Jr. tells it like it is

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Mark “Controlled Opposition” Miller!

Your friend RFK Jr is a known diddler with ties to Ghislaine Maxwell and was repeatedly in Eipsteins black book. What was he doing on pedo island those few times? And Desantis is a zionist puppet, like yourself, on board with the depopulation agenda.

You definitely had our group fooled for a bit. But in the end, the snakes always have to show their colors in following masters orders. You are a sick demented old man Miller. A desperate sociopath really.

Sad way to end the last chapter of your life Miller. Going out spreading propaganda, the exact same thing you thought us, and attempting to deflect reality on the real issues. Gotta keep typing about that “gain of function” for an invisible virus that doesn’t exist huh Mark. Others as well in Brooklyn have been realizing you are a fraud. As a former student, I wanted to believe you were on the right side of humanity.

A couple of former students will be at your next “speech”, please don’t avoid us. We want to understand what would make you become such a monster, in becoming this character you are now playing.

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