While “our free press” hypes India as Wuhan 2.0, they black out the deliberate FAMINE meant to cull the poorest populations

Note, first, that over 100 Indians have died after their first or second COVID “vaccinations” at one hospital in India. Such deaths are reported, if at all, as due to that terroristic “Indian variant” now being deployed to justify more lockdowns everywhere. That it’s the “vaccines” causing all those deaths is, however obvious, quite inconceivable to the careerist dimwits working in the media.

Then learn, from the speaker in the second video I’ve linked below, a little bit about the Indian government’s measures to ensure famine in the country’s poorest states, and the resulting unrest over there—protests that have been raging now for months, while “our free press” has blacked them out, despite their immensity. The speaker sees that starvation policy as part of a depopulation program, which is entirely plausible—especially in the larger context of the GLOBAL drive, ongoing since the Seventies, to cut the populations of the poorer countries; and since the rise of Bill Gates and his syndicate of neo-Malthusian fanatics, the populations of the richer countries, too.

So let us not talk falsely now: India is Wuhan 2.0—a second (Asian) bogey being used to crush resistance and dissent worldwide, as both are naturally intensifying in the face of what’s now going on, the official propaganda narratives becoming so absurd that only fools and True Believers can’t, or won’t, see through them.

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