Where did SARS-CoV-2 come from? A close look at the two (main) competing theories

This is an admirably thorough, meticulous and even-handed analysis, and comparison, of the two main competing theories of just how “the coronavirus” came to be, and to infect human beings: either naturally (as in the last shot of the movie Contagion), or through “gain-of-function” research in the laboratory, whereupon it was released by accident.

I’ve italicized that phrase because the author doesn’t entertain the possibility that the virus was deliberately released. (Nor does he address the question as to why SARS-CoV-2 hasn’t yet been isolated.) Moreover, Wade’s unquestioning acceptance of the claim that COVID-19 has claimed three million lives worldwide suggests that he has not been as meticulous in studying the media’s COVID-19 propaganda as he has in analyzing those two theories. Finally, his piece would have benefited greatly from some study of Dr. Fauci’s history, as it casts him far too benign a light, and therefore underplays his possible (some might say likely) culpability.

Nevertheless, anyone who wants a detailed summary of the ongoing debate (such as it is) over the origins of “the coronavirus” should find this piece enlightening.

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There seems to be an underlying assumption, unquestioned, that the virus actually exists as claimed and is the cause COVID-19. When one gets “into the weeds” with what the original researchers did and what they could really show, I think one will find this whole pandemic is nothing but a superstructure of conjecture resting upon conjecture resting upon a foundation of quicksand.

Hardly anything is really known for certain about why people are becoming ill. And a look at the death statistics broadly indicates the death rate from all causes since the “pandemic” is not statistically different from the death rate in the previous 5 to 10 years before the “pandemic.” This has been nothing but a pandemic of testing and propaganda/fear-mongering to advance an entirely different, political agenda.

Steve Hilton dropped a bomb, linking gain-of-function bat feces and novel coronaviruses directly to Fauxi.
Hilton asks why new organizations and governments have been trying so desperately to ignore the *most likely* possible origin of the virus: that it was created in the Wuhan lab.
This is an *exact* mirror of 9/11: MSM and governments for two decades have avoided the *most likely* scenario that *controlled demolition* brought down three skyscrapers…not 2 planes. Now these same people are avoiding the *most likely* scenario that GOF research was released (purposefully or accidentally) from the Wuhan lab.

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