Some faces of those killed by the “vaccines”

In French, but easily understood by anyone.

Think back on all those mawkish, terroristic “Those we’ve lost” pages in the New York Times, “remembering” so many who were more than likely killed not by “the virus,” but by other illnesses—or by the very treatment used to “save” them: no HCQ, no Vitamin D, no Ivermectin, and, all too often, intubation.

And now we have to turn to France to get some truth of just the kind that the Gray Lady pretended to be giving us.$/embed/mortsduvaccincovid2-FR/2c6551d756aca31679f87392c86124f6ed52e876?r=4iKwNJsmALHbnrLZrqjjvfyPaNaJhPBC

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