Mayor of Lancaster, CA offers teens a chance to win “free” scholarships if they’ll just get injected

The mind reels at the thought of how much money has been poured into this global drive to get humanity to self-exterminate.

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The eugenics have lost what ever marbles they had left… It’s a full blown war against humanity.

rothschild & co are all in… They didn’t expect to see their germ theory fraud at risk, which puts their entire pyramid scheme in jeopardy. Once germ theory gets accepted as reality by one major government, they are finished.

Begging people to get vaccinated just reeks of desperation, they seem really worried, bill gates divorce to split his assets shows this. 60 yards hail mary, Dan Marino in the 4th type of play to depopulate as much as they can before the societal collapse, and eventual rebellion. I honestly believe they did not anticipate having to offer scholarships and all kinds of other random things in hopes of getting the agenda on track.

They started with free krispy kreme donuts if you showed proof of vax, now they are at scholarships! With dissent starting to get criminalized globally, if they seem this desperate to vax ppl, weird times are definitely head…

Apparently, Rowan University (somewhere here in NJ) is offering up to $1000 in credits for students to get their bioweapon injections.

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