“Danser encore” rocks Europe AWAKE! (And when will WE awake and sing?)

From Priscilla Karant, who got the following explanation from a student, and when then dug up more info on the band that’s given us that wonderful new anthem:

“The song ‘Danser encore’ was created in December 2020 by a French band called HK and the Saltimbanks. Once published on Youtube, it has quickly become the hymn for all the people demonstrating against the Covid-19 measures, first in France, then in countries such as Belgium, Spain and Germany!”

The brainchild of MAP rapper Kaddour Haddadi, HK& les Saltimbanks became one of France’s most popular politically conscious outfits thanks to their tales of social inequality and exclusion and eclectic fusion of reggae, chaabi, and blues.

HK & Les saltimbanks | Spotify

Active from: 2006
Record label: PIAS Recordings
Albums: Citoyen du monde, Les Temps Modernes, La caravane des saltimbanques
Members: Kaddour Hadadi, Eric Janson, Jeoffrey Arnone, Jimmy Laurent, Toufik Saïd Zarouri, Seb Wacheux, Cheb Meddhy

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