In Finland, Christian leaders face up to 6 Years In prison for quoting Romans 1:24-27

As a firm believer in both gay rights and free speech, I find this persecution of those Christians for the propagation of their views to be far more dangerous than Paul’s condemnation of gay sexuality. That passage of his letter to the Romans has to be read carefully by those who disagree with it, and then confronted and discussed— not banned, nor should its propagation ever be a crime.

(Here is an interesting analysis, noting that Paul also condemned straight sexuality, fiercely holding to the view that everybody should be celibate—a view that’s now uncannily widespread, not because Paul’s words have any influence today, but because the new “green” creed is ever more explicitly condemning procreation as a crime against the planet, while those who fund that movement have as many offspring as they like:

What’s happening in Finland is, in a word, grotesque, and should be vigorously opposed by all devout believers in free speech and real democracy.

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