OSHA sure DID get the memo. Fire away….

From Andrew W. Saul:

Here, then, is a pertinent observation from Darwin K. Hoop, which calls to mind the Enabling Act, swiftly passed after the Nazis torched the Reichstag, granting Hitler dictatorial authority (and not unlike the PATRIOT Act rammed through a compliant Congress after 9/11):

Note that nothing at all is being said about our persisting “State of Emergency”—the aegis under which the cabal has forced these very undemocratic changes. I see no organized efforts to extricate us from this de facto, and absurdly fraudulent, state of martial law. As long as government operates under emergency provisions, unelected managers can dictate to OSHA what they want OSHA to say. A constitution isn’t worth a tinker’s dam if it can be superseded by bullshit “emergencies”.

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