How to weather the next shock-and-awful moment: “Keep your head!” (MCM & Mark Mallett)

I posted the below on Facebook the other day, with a review of Laura Dodsworth’s book A State of Fear, on the use of terror propaganda all throughout the COVID crisis. (A link to that review is at the bottom of this email; I look forward to reading the book.)

Below my post is a complementary meditation by my friend Mark Mallett, who’s written some of the best takedowns of COVID propaganda—a piece that he wrote back in 2010, and that he finds especially timely now; and I agree with him. While that old essay is an affirmation of his Christian faith, while my post certainly does not express that creed (although, to be honest—as I always try to be—I’m tending more in his direction nowadays, in light of the great evil now confronting us), both his essay and my brief post are based on a strong apprehension that, sometime sooner than later, we all just might be shock/awed with some kind of mass-hysteria-inducing pseudo-“alien-attack,” in the vein of Orson Welles’ radio dramatization of “The War of the Worlds” in 1938, only this time with a Spielbergian razzle-dazzle more mind-blowing than anything we’ve ever seen in any multiplex, and so realistic that we’ll think it’s really happening.

Surely that seeming-real-life sequel to The Day the Earth Stood Still, but entailing (what will either really be, or really look like) real catastrophe, would be enough to justify another, even more draconian shutdown of the planet, so that the Space Forces of the world (perhaps under joint US-Chinese leadership) can “keep everybody safe” without any democratic interference, and with all “conspiracy theorists” demonized as alien tools (if not shape-shifting aliens themselves). And when “our troops” have finally won that war, by blowing up the alien “Death Star” or whatever, and the (few) earthbound survivors wonderingly re-emerge from their respective homes (now that they’re allowed), they’ll find that Everything Has Changed, the Great Reset having meanwhile been imposed.

Of course, so enormous and complex a spectacle need not be required to pull that off. Maybe those power outages, food shortages and/or supply-chain interruptions that the propaganda chorus is also suddenly invoking will be enough to justify a shutdown, followed by the swift dystopianization of our world (or what’s left of it). In any case, I think—and Mark Mallett agrees with me—that, whatever happens, we must keep our heads; or, as he puts it: “If you see UFO’s appear over your cities some day, remember what was written here.”

My Facebook post:

This fear factor is the all-important basis of the whole shebang. Conquer fear, and you have conquered Them.

Easy to say, I know; so we must start to spread the word that something big will happen between now and September, most likely sooner: something shocking-and-awful to the nth degree, the likes of which we’ve never seen—except in movies, like Independence Day.

Could that not be why there’s this sudden corporate-media fascination with UFO’s, and the importance of the military’s space program? Can’t you picture some huge catastrophic strike that will be treated as a total mystery, until the revelation that it’s ALIENS (and I don’t mean Mexicans)? No power or water, full martial law at last? (Maybe COVID-19 really came from extraterrestrial spores!)

That’s the sort of possibility that makes me nervous at this moment of a sudden loosening up by Dr Fauci et al. Let’s now take off those masks! Relax! Especially if you’ve been “vaccinated.” It reminds me of how Winston Smith gets treated temporarily after he’s been tortured by O’Brien: more and better food, some exercise, some medical attention, he starts to put on weight… and THEN they do that thing with the rat. And he succumbs, betraying Julia—and he’s broken: “He loved Big Brother.”

So what we have to TRY to do, starting now, is get people to brace themselves, so that, if/when the “aliens” attack, or whatever the next traumatic thing may be, somewhere in their minds will be the impulse to resist the terror, keep their heads, keep asking questions, keep on talking to each other, and, this time, NOT let Them take even more away from us.

Review of Laura Dodsworth’s A State of Fear:

Mark Mallett’s essay:

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Insightful observations, but you’re still on Facebook???

Frankly, I can’t understand why any thinking person would still patronize that corrupt, criminal Web site. 😕

Your instincts, powers of deduction, and intuition could be spot on. Thank you for having the courage, love, and will to share your prescient forebodings. No harm in being mentally prepared for all (?) possible contingencies. Thank you.

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