Comments on a propaganda apologia for “Israel’s betrayal of Jewish values”

The ferocity of Israel’s attack on Gaza—and the fact that it was a shattering attack, and not a justified response to a first strike by Hamas—have, as usual, been obfuscated by the US coverage, so widely, and in so many ways, that it’s been impossible for NFU to do it justice, especially with the quieter, more gradual, yet, in fact, far more murderous attack now going on against us over here.

I’m therefore glad that Daniel Callaghan has sent out his response to the latest broadcast of “Third Opinion,” a weekly show, on WMNF, community radio in Tampa, hosted by Mike Deeson and Laureen Jaffe, whose pro-Zionist propaganda he’s been monitoring for some time. Ideally, he, or someone like him, would have equal time on WMNF, so that its listeners might know that there’s another side to the story, and make their minds up as to which side is more credible, and maybe even feel obliged to look more deeply into what the New York Times calls, misleadingly, the “Israel-Gaza conflict.”

That “conflict” has especial poignancy for me because, throughout it, I’ve been getting texts, with post-bombardment photos, from Amal Arafa, the Palestinian nurse whose team of medics I have tried to help for years; and I have found those images too horrible to share. My doing so could easily impel someone who takes the other side to do the same with similar photos of Israeli casualties; and such a propaganda tit-for-tat, with such wrenching images exploited in that way, would be obscene.

Here, in any case, are Daniel’s annotations. (As a Jewish anti-Zionist, I have no problem with his title, which I’ve used in my subject line.)

From Daniel Callaghan:

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