How strange! “Cyber-attacks” shut down (more) meat-processing plants, just as more fake meat appears in supermarkets

Lately I’ve noticed, in the meat aisle of my local Morton Williams (NYC supermarket chain), a lot more fake meat, and that much less of the real thing; and now we have more meat-processing plants shut down—a trend that started about a year ago, reportedly “because of COVID-19,” and that’s now suddenly accelerated, reportedly “because of cyber-attacks.”

Both explanations are a load of crap (much like fake meat). As Ice Age Farmer notes here, with his usual lucidity (I don’t recall his ever being wrong), these recent shutdowns are clearly meant to nudge us toward getting used to eating fake meat, on the premise that it’s healthier and, y’know, greener than the real thing—Good for the Planet, and kind to animals—when it’s not a health food but a chemical concoction, and what it’s really all about, to some extent, is fattening the already bloated fortune of Bill Gates (a big investor in that crud, which he and his will never have to eat), and, primarily, helping push us even harder toward inadequate synthetic substitutes for natural pleasures of all kinds, from social, religious, political, educational and aesthetic congregation (all replaced by deadly Zoom exchanges and the like, and/or vitiated by universal masking) to sexual union (remember health officials, in the UK and Oregon, telling people to stay home and jerk off?) to going shopping (online transactions being so much “safer” than the kind that long maintained small businesses) to the pleasures of the palate, along with the nourishment that only good food can provide—all the latter now to be replaced, if we let Gates and Schwab et al. prevail, with fungus, bugs, mold, weeds, as well as those repulsive simulacra of real meat.

Of course, it’s hard to fight this kind of thing, effected, as it is, by unseen hands at the controls of the whole system; but that does not mean it’s impossible—or that we have any choice but to find new ways to protect the choices that we’ve always had, and realize the ones They’ve never let us make.

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It seems to me that the meat attack is directly related to the upcoming and inevitable IPO regarding lab-grown meat. They want to drive the initial offering price higher than penny-stock so it’ll be caballed into the hands of a technocratic few.

fwiw- on the front page of yesterday’s paper, there was a story about Princeton High School’s INSECT EATING CLUB (I kid you NOT, exactly those words) eating Cicadas. Caption for photo “Students from Princeton High School’s Insect-Eating Club served up cicadas at a catching and tasting event.” And I think it was a week or so ago, I saw a story about CNN’s Brianna ? eating a cicada on live TV.

I think we have to still work at exposing the PCR tests–I think that’s what they have been using to get things shut down. And I can tell from the local comments on Covid that I see on there are tons of people out there who still don’t understand there’s a problem with the PCR tests and what “cases” really mean.
Yes, Christian/IceAgeFarmer is an excellent source.

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