Bill and Jeff’s excellent idea to get divorced (not from each other) just before the crash of the economy

Much as we would like to think that Bill/Melinda’s split is somehow due to his enormous crimes against humanity (in which she’s been avidly complicit) and/or his sex life (I don’t want to think about it), this clear-eyed speculation makes more sense.

Is it just “coincidence” that both Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos decide to get divorced within the same year, just before the crash of the economy? Probably not.

Scroll down below the ZeroHedge piece to see the piece about the two divorces.

What do Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates divorces have in common? Liquidation of stock options. Both are rich on paper…but what does that mean exactly? Their wealth is tied directly into their companies stock prices. If the stock crashes, so does their wealth.

Now, ask yourself this. How do you cash in massive amounts of your companies stocks without needing to notify shareholders?
Answer? Get divorced.

Two of the richest people in the world, Gates and Bezos, just happen to be getting divorced in the same 365 days – moments before an economic collapse is scheduled to happen. Coincidence?

If you’re not reading between the lines that they are liquidating stock to save their asses, you’re not clued in. Something big is on the horizon.

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