“Staff are getting very sick”: Healthcare workers who got “vaccinated”—”even the young and healthy”—are too ill to work

Odd that we kept hearing about healthcare workers “on the front lines” felled by “the coronavirus,” when there were really few such cases, but that we now hear nothing of the many who’ve been badly sickened by their COVID “vaccinations.” 

This first, very powerful letter to the British Medical Journal is from a consultant in London.

The second, to the Dominion Post in Wellington, New Zealand, is from my friend Manny Garcia, MD, who practices in that country. 

To the Editor:

Allow me, as a physician, to sound the alarm about the government’s ‘happy’ campaign to vaccinate the entire population of New Zealand. Neither the chosen Pfizer mRNA vaccine nor any of the other COVID vaccines in use have been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration, the benchmark for drug safety and efficacy. They have merely received an ’emergency use authorisation’. This means, in essence, that they have not been thoroughly and adequately assessed for safety and efficacy, a stringent process that takes years.

Why the forward-thinking and benevolent government of our country would encourage its people to take part in what is basically a human biological experiment ostensibly to prevent the dire consequences of a virus that can be protected against and treated quite effectively with inexpensive medications  (e.g., Ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, zinc, Vitamins D and C) is entirely beyond reason.  I would also add that the survival rate of those who have contracted COVID-19 is well over 99 percent and that there has been no ‘excess mortality’ for the past year.  It is no more lethal than a seasonal flu.

The long-term adverse effects of the Pfizer vaccine will only be known years down the line.  I for one am not willing to risk my health and well-being for the sake of a zealous and ill-considered pharmaceutical adventure.


Emanuel E. Garcia, MD
39 Marine Parade, Flat 2A
Lower Hutt 5013

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