New investigation finds “alarming levels of arsenic, lead and toxic chemicals in US tap water”

“Our” government—both parties—has failed us utterly; and, clearly, it was already complicit in killing us, long before the rollout of the COVID crisis, and the push for prolonged universal masking and quasi-mandatory toxic “vaccination,” both lethal.  

Meanwhile, Bill Gates wants us drinking water wrung from shit, eating lab-grown meat (delivered to your home by drones), and “living” via cell phones and computers, while he and his have acres by the tens of thousands to frolic on, have many mansions to relax in, fly everywhere on their own jets, and dine on anything they want, nor—except on camera—do they ever put on masks, nor would they ever get those jabs that are about to be required for everybody else outside his well-protected little circle. Unless we just say no—to that, and all the rest of it.

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