“Despite vaccination [sic] success, Hungary sets daily record COVID deaths”

How much more evidence do we need before the rest of us WAKE UP? 

And yet it isn’t the amount or clarity of all such evidence that matters. It’s the circulation of such news that would make all the difference; which is why “our free press” has blacked it out.

That blackout is a crime against humanity; and so, should there ever be a world tribunal to make the authors of this global crime accountable, those who run the media will surely be among those charged.

One reply on ““Despite vaccination [sic] success, Hungary sets daily record COVID deaths””

It’s the media. It was always the media. They’re enactors, not enablers. How do you murder 3000 people in NYC and get away with it for two decades? The Media. How do you then use this atrocity to blame Muslims and then slaughter them by the millions? The Media. Why isn’t Fauxi in jail? Why doesn’t anyone care about Epstein? Why do we all think Pfizer is great and just assume robber barons no longer exist?
Some people think capital punishment is in the cards for these media barons, and anchors etc. I hope not. I hope their punishment is a special channel where they are forced to report on the deaths, scandals, and horrors that they actualized. Imagine a day where Anderson Cooper, in a prison uniform, says to the world, “…and then the 483rd time I lied was when I said __ about vaccines or __ about Russians. The result, in part from my actions, is that these people died, or these people lost their jobs, or the world faced nuclear annihilation. I apologize. Okay, the 484th time I lied…”

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