Calling all lawyers in Florida! Law prof needs your help against a MANDATORY J&J “vaccine” program at his university

From my friend Tim Canova: 

Dear new friends and allies,

I have been fighting against the roll-out of the Johnson & Johnson injections at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where I am a tenured law professorand teach Constitutional Law, among other subjects. 

Nova is a very large regional private university, with more than 20,000 undergraduate and graduate students. 

Last week, I had a sharp exchange of emails with the dean of my law school in which I informed him of my concern that very little information about the vaccine had been provided to our community at the same time that he and other administrators were urging everyone to get the shots. The sooner we all get the vaccines, they’ve been saying, the sooner everything can return to normal. I reminded the dean of the obligation to obtain free and informed consent under medical ethics, federal law, international treaties, and the Nuremberg Code. His response was name-calling.

Now this evening the president of the university sent out an email to our entire community of faculty, staff, and students, informing us that the Johnson & Johnson injections are mandatory. I know some of my students are horrified. We need to fight this. 

I have already started to reach out to some lawyers in anticipation of a lawsuit. I am writing to solicit your help and would welcome any suggestions you may have on how to proceed. I will forward you the email from the university president, as well as my email exchange with the dean.

Thank you all for everything each of you have already been doing for months and months, and for many of you for years, for entire careers. We must stop these injections before more people are needlessly killed, injured, and sterilized.  



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