“World facing unprecedented threat of food shortages,” UN warns. That’s global famine; and “our free press” is not reporting it.

“Our free press” has stalwartly ignored this looming danger, which anyone with open eyes could see approaching for some time; Ice Age Farmer has, for months, been monitoring the situation, which is now dire enough to merit this alert from the UN. Note that it’s reported by RT, which ran this pertinent story in December:

If “our free press” has reported this alert from the UN, I haven’t noticed it. That warning should be headline news; and the media should be noting that, while many millions face starvation, Bill Gates just happens  to have suddenly become the biggest “farmer” in America, which is to say he owns more of this nation’s farmland than any other entity—more even than Ted Turner, who’s now the second-biggest land-hog in America.

That both of those colossal “farmer/ranchers” are true believers in the necessity of radical “population control”—a/k/a eugenics—should be duly noted, as they now hold vast tracts of farmland, while many millions face starvation, global agriculture having been hit hard by numerous fortuitous “disasters,” which, according to the UN, are “upending people’s lives, devastating livelihoods, and jeopardizing our entire food system.” 

So don’t those black lives matter? And what about the countless brown and yellow lives—and, yes, white lives, too—now facing famine? Meanwhile, Gates—a longtime advocate of an entirely tech-based “revolution” in “green agriculture,” which has had disastrous consequences in poor countries (extensively reported by Vandana Shiva)—is also heavily invested in disgusting and unhealthy “alternatives” like lab-grown meat, “food” synthesized from weeds and bugs—and even “feces water,” a glass of which he chugged merrily before the cameras back in August:

I’d say Gates is welcome to drink all the shit he wants, or pretends to want, and can also eat some while he’s at it. Meanwhile, all the rest of us should pay attention to what’s happening here—i.e., everywhere—because you are what you eat, and all humanity deserves to eat good natural food, which Gates et al. quite obviously plan to make as scarce as gold (while eating royally themselves). 

In short, they, and that plan, must be stopped; but we can’t stop it if “our free press” blacks it out.

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