Making kids wear masks is child abuse, because it only makes them sick, both physically AND mentally

I find children wearing masks, something one sees everywhere in NYC (and many other places), to be the cruelest, most irrational consequence of all that COVID propaganda, which has countless parents, and teachers, thinking that such daily punishment of children keeps them “safe”—for punishment is what forced masking always has been, and still is, however well-intentioned. That children have strong natural immunity to COVID-19, and don’t transmit the virus, are, by now, well-established scientific facts, yet they are quite unknown to the majority, because “our free press” has, despite its noisy dedication to “the science,” blacked them out. Thus an entire generation, all across the globe, will end up both physically and mentally impaired, thanks to that horrifically successful propaganda—which is, therefore, a crime against humanity. 

This has to stop. Of all the “cures” that have been worse than the disease, this one is easily the worst. So please take time to read this piece, and send it far and wide.

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