“Vaccine passports” are on the way—or, to be more accurate, on the way BACK, from Stalin’s Russia

Jeff Bezos/CIA’s Washington Post tells us that “Vaccine passports are on the way, but developing them won’t be easy”—or legal.

The model for this kind of thing was established by the Soviets, the system tightened under Stalin, for “the removal [from Russia’s towns and cities] of persons not engaged in industrial or other socially-useful work from towns and cleansing of towns from hiding kulaks, criminal and other antisocial elements.”

This new version will be no less oppressive than that one—and more dangerous, since you cannot have that so-called “vaccine passport” without getting one of those so-called “vaccines,”  which can kill you, disable you for life, and/or (perhaps) turn you into a vector of disease. 

Who knows? Only those who hatched this whole horrendous scheme—and they’re not saying. So those of us who aren’t entranced by fear must just say no (as Nancy Reagan said, though she, of course, meant something else).

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