“Highly probable” COVID-19 was concocted in a lab, released by accident

This report, from the US State Department, implicitly rules out the possibility that Fauci’s funding of such research inadvertently gave rise to the creation of the virus (assuming that there is one). Despite that and other blind spots, the report is worth considering, cum grano salis.

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That’s the establishment’s propaganda at work… Plenty of controlled opposition type of folks who are “journalists” engage in these things. Plan B per say, when the hoax goes awry, they move to co-signing the hoax with another lie. Germ theory is a massive fraud, incorporated through mainstream medicine schools by the eugenics in late 19th century. Covid 19 doesn’t exist, it has not been isolated and never will be. Same as HIV, measles and these other “diseases” that only exist in disney world, but can never be and never have been proven to exist. Illness and sickness is caused from within the body, it’s not contagious like the fraudulent germ theory claims it is. Many people are starting to become aware of that now, so the eugenics are doing damage control by admitting it was “created” in a lab, when it doesn’t even exist in the first place.

Similar to the boulder shooting hoax, I mean the videos are beyond a joke of how bad they did it… Production of this false flag was even worst then Parkland or Orlando. Yet you have Andy Ngo and other controlled oppositions, bitching about how the “left” is trying to blame Caucasian people for the shooting when it was a Middle Eastern Muslim… Nobody got killed, that guy was a patsy, he never even went to the school they claimed, it’s been massively debunked with information and video they taped themselves. Clues forum and other truther sites destroyed it already. He got “shot” in the leg but is walking perfectly in handcuffs? The “blood” on his legs is rubbish…

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