Say what?? Public Health England admits it cannot scientifically prove that COVID-19 is contagious

I am not making this up.

Let it be noted that I’ve not been one of those who thinks there is no virus, much as I appreciate the questions raised about its isolation; but this piece, which I take to be honest, has nudged me toward agnosticism on the issue.

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Hi Mark,

Nice to see you getting back into the swing of things! I hope — whichever healing modalities/treatments you are currently exploring — that you are experiencing some relief from your Lyme symptoms!

I am leaving a comment in response to this post of yours to alert you to the fact (of which you may be unaware unless you happen to spend a lot of time in certain forums where COVID-skeptical positions are still allowed) that there is no longer any doubt in my mind that our friends in Psychological Operations have been flooding such forums over the last year with personas/comments intensively promoting the “No Virus” position. I have listened to a lot of interviews, and read a lot of materials on this “VIruses are Exosomes”/Terrain Theory position, and remain agnostic on the matter myself.

It is, however, clear to me that — even if Germ Theory is false and “there is no Sars-CoV-2 virus” as such — this position can be used to weaken the COVID-skeptic standing vis-a-vis the public (and also, needless to say, all COVID-establishment types), as well as to divide the COVID-skeptic community into those who accept the actuality or even possibility of viruses, and those who insist that the only acceptable position is one of complete virus-denial (a position which is being expressed with greater and greater vehemence and even hostility of late!).

I was recently subject to attack just for suggesting that live debates between the two sides on this question would be very welcome: say, Dolores Cahill, Sucharit Bhakdi, or James Lyons-Weiler vs Tom Cowan, Andrew Kaufman, or Stefan Lanka. I was shouted down with the F-word by the most frequently-posting champion of the “No Virus” position (which, for them, is absolutely not mere theory, but fact and Truth itself!).

Of course, they have nothing good to say about R. Fuellmich, S. Bakhdi, D. Cahill, RFK, Del Bigtree, W. Wodarg, or others workikng in our best interests, since none of these people are fighting against the virus lie, and without that being destroyed once and for all, the possibility of viruses being used as tools of harm and enslavement will always be there in the future (according to them). Sounds reasonable? What about the fact that they are expecting/demanding all of us not simply to reject the danger and lethality of ONE (apparent) virus to the great majority of human beings, but to reject the danger and indeed the reality of ALL viruses (inc. mumps, measles, herpes, etc., many of which large numbers of people have [apparently?] experienced in their own lives at some point).

Am I somehow mistaken in believing that the job of convincing the world that ALL of these viruses are simply exosomes produced by our own bodies is one orders of magnitude greater than that of revealing to them that we do not need masks, lockdowns, green passports, vaccines, etc. by showing them the evidence we do have at hand in abundance, re: COVID-19 testing, mortality, vaccine injury, etc.?

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