“Burn your masks!” Huge anti-lockdown protests rage worldwide

Mostly in Europe, it would seem.

This afternoon I caught the tail-end of the protest in Union Square, NYC, where, I was told, there had been some excellent speeches, and rousing music; but by the time I got there, it had degenerated, with “Antifa” and other infiltrators stoking violent clashes in the crowd—there were some very ostentatious “Trump supporters,” one bearing a Confederate flag—and the PA system practically inaudible, as, reportedly, it hadn’t been at first  (If whoever organized that gathering isn’t a faux-activist paid by the police, s/he’ll do until one comes along.) I’ve seen no coverage yet, but I’ll be gob-smacked if it doesn’t focus wholly on the flagrant “rightist” cranks, that convenient Southern flag, and/or the random fistfights at the end, with nothing of the most cogent statements made, or on the crucial issues raised.

Personally, I was delighted to meet Alison McDowell there, and to see John Kirby, Tessa Leena, Elliot Crown and a few other dear old friends. But I think such protests must be scrupulously organized and overseen by seasoned activists with proven records of sincere commitment, willing and able to raise funds for first-rate PA systems, and to nip every provocation in the bud. Especially now that “protests” have weaponized by the same interests that have hyped the COVID crisis so destructively, the real ones must be managed with strict discipline.

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