Update on my health

Many of you have sent me kind expressions of support, and, lately, anxious inquiries as to how I’m doing, in light of my persistent silence. I thank you for all that, and (finally) write to bring you up to date.

The doctors at NYU Langone admitted me on Jan. 21, to see if the recent worsening of my Lyme symptoms might be due to some further neurological disease. My two days there told them that I do not; and the neurologist whom they referred me to, and whom I saw (from the eyes up) this last Tuesday, reconfirmed that conclusion.

On the basis of the finding at the hospital, I decided to teach this semester, as planned (two sections of my film course, since—as you know—I was pressed to cancel my propaganda course). About a week after my return home from the hospital, it was clear that that decision was premature, as I was too ill to teach; so I requested a medical leave, which NYU granted.

So I’m devoting these next months to the restoration of my¬† health—continuing my long effort to get over Lyme disease at last, and also trying to determine if some other factor might explain this worsening of my longtime symptoms, and the flare-up of some new ones. It’s possible that EMF may be affecting me; and so I may decide to leave the city for some weeks, preferably to sojourn in some sunnier locale (though that would pose a big financial and logistical challenge). In any case, I’ll be suspending NFU for now, in hopes of being able to resume that service just as soon as I am able.

Meanwhile, my department colleagues have at last submitted their reply to my complaint, and my lawyer is going over it, so as to write up our response; and NYU’s “review” of my “conduct” is apparently continuing (I’ve heard nothing from on high), though it was supposed to end in mid-December.

That’s where things stand right now; and let me add that I am more than fortunate to have the constant help of both my family and some dear friends. I certainly will keep you posted. Thank you all, again, for your very kind (and often generous) support. 

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Please check out this doctor’s video testimonials. He has helped many Lyme sufferers recover using ozone therapy. I don’t know him, and am not recommending him specifically (many folks offer this treatment method), just thought you should hear “from the horses’ mouths” about how ozone has helped. Looking forward to your speedy recovery and energetic return to NFU!

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