Update from NFU (with the latest “paper jam”)


I’m now working with a very Lyme-literate doctor, who takes an integrative/holistic approach, has an excellent track record with a range of ailments that the “health” establishment considers non-existent (like chronic Lyme and CFS, just to name a few), and who willingly takes on unusual cases—like mine. (She agrees with all my other doctors that my illness has no doubt been worsened, and protracted, by the excessive stress of this past year—not just for all of us, but me in particular.)

Speaking of my own peculiar stress, I can also report that the colleagues whom I’m suing for libel have finally responded to the complaint, with a motion to dismiss. About that I will say no more, other than to note that we’re preparing our response, which is due in a few weeks. (Like Ol’ Man River, the dean’s “expedited review” of my  “conduct” just keeps rolling along.)

Although not yet ready to provide my usual full-time service, today I offer you the latest “paper jam” by Amy Smiley—about the Biden/Harris inauguration. Though a tad dated now, it has lost nothing of its wit or power since Amy completed it. (I especially like that uncanny pair of photos at the bottom.)

Thanks to all who’ve sent me their well-wishes, including various health tips and leads, since my last email.


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I love “paper jam”. It’s refreshing to see good art in its full glory. In “Without Poetry We are Dead: With it We Die Living” Edward Curtin reminds us:
“Poetry is the search for truth. It marries outer to inner. It probes reality with words. It suggests, states, intimates, inviting the reader to raid what was previously unspeakable. This exploration is composed of ideas, images, and words arranged in ways that engender powerful emotions and thoughts…It is a distillation of the human spirit, as essential as bread. It is composed of a few simple ingredients, as is bread. They are: the real, actually existing, outside world, and us; the outside world that we are in and that is in us, and our emotional thoughts about our condition.” –Seeking Truth in a Country of Lies, pg. 80.

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