J. Edgar Hoover lives! Clinton/Pelosi call for “9/11-style commission,” to investigate “Russia’s involvement in the Capitol riot”

When Hillary called Trump “Putin’s puppet” in that debate—lividly spritzing the p’s, like Neidermeyer in Animal House—I almost fell out of my chair, it was such a wildly retro accusation; I couldn’t believe it—though I should have, since it was just the opening salvo in a neo-Birchite witch hunt that dragged on for years, until it finally fizzled out, as there was nothing to it; and now we (or some of us) know that the whole charade was hatched by Hillary and her confederates, who arranged for the invention of their “evidence” of Putin’s puppetry. 

And yet, although it came to naught, despite the millions spent on it, and the innumerable man-hours of faux-journalistic labor wasted on it, that crackpot propaganda drive has started up again, like some persistent fungus, as the mélee in the Capitol is now being hyped as loudly and belligerently—and, no doubt, as cynically—as Dr. Goebbels’ minions got the German people spitting mad at Poland back in 1939, for its preparation to attack Germany (then mobilizing for the attack on Poland). And, predictably, we’re hearing yet again that Putin was, somehow, the puppeteer above/behind that “attempted coup” on Jan. 6, just as he (somehow) arranged for Hillary’s defeat four years ago. 

We often hear Karl Marx’s line that history’s repetition moves from tragedy to farce. This time,we’re seeing the farce of Russia-gate recur as what is sure to be a tragedy for the remnant of American democracy, as free speech, freedom of the press, and freedom of assembly are now under terminal assault, mounted in the name of “anti-fascism,” with all “the left” on board—since they’ll now need some substitute for Trump to focus their aggression on, to keep from noticing what’s come to power now, with their unquestioning support.  

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