“Antifa” is a red herring

I now believe that “Antifa” is a red herring (so to speak), in part because the evidence of such affiliation per se is in question, but primarily because it’s a distraction from the ever-more-compelling evidence that Wednesday’s “storming” of the Capitol was not at all as it’s now being ferociously depicted by the Democrats (and some Republicans), and all throughout the media—as a seditious effort by a rabble of deplorables, treasonously egged on by their Fuehrer, Donald Trump—but a propaganda spectacle, skillfully effected by agents provocateurs. Calling those most prominent participants “Antifa” gives the misimpression that the moment was manipulated by the genuine “far left” extremists (as people on the right keep saying), not by agents of the state.  

Such rhetoric (“far left”) only intensifies the mass division that the incident is now being used to deepen, in order to bring on the new “war on domestic terrorism,” just as 9/11 kick-started the “war on terrorism” 19 years ago. 

From Colleen McGuire (who notes that events may now have surpassed what she reports from Angeli’s interview, since there’s reportedly a warrant for his arrest):

For the record, we have to correct the claim that the horned guy with tattoos, Jake Angeli, is antifa.  He declared in a radio interview recorded January 7 morning by a fellow Arizonian that he is and has long been totally against Antifa.   However weird his costume get-up may be, he declares he’s on the side of America, a patriot, believes in God, loves America, condemns the election fraud.   

Unfortunately, whatever his story may be, his ubiquitous Viking image is serving as the ridicule angle to crush the anti-election theft movement now being conjured by the propaganda media.   

I took the time to listen to a good third of the interview.   At about 21:00 minutes he calls the patriot movement “spiritual warfare” and declares that “violence is the antithesis of what we want.”  He says violence is what Antifa wants.  They want to tear apart our country from the inside.  “We peacefully assembled. We didn’t hurt any cops.”  He talked about being in the chamber with others saying a prayer to “dispel the black magic of all the lies for decades.”  Through prayer “we changed the frequency of that building and all Washington DC.”  He spoke about DC being built on electromagnetic wave lines, and our hearts and bodies aligned with that frequency so that “today was a massive expansion of consciousness.”  

I stopped listening after the interviewer asked him what effect the Capitol protest will have on Trump, and he said “Trump has already won,” and proceeded to list the indicia of Biden’s powerlessness, from Pentagon not sharing info, to Biden’s team not receiving transition money, etc. etc.  He had not yet realized how within hours the narrative had radically changed and Institutional Forces united to defeat Trump as president.  

Whether Angeli is an earnest crackpot, or a figure serving consciously to help make all such protest look ridiculous (as his flamboyant promotion of QAnon—whose membership reportedly despise him—suggests) is, of course, impossible to say—MCM.

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…annnnnd he came around! Pleased to see the willingness to self correct. Integrity amigo.

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