What “the Resistance” has been saying, loud and clear, about Trump voters

I know people who voted for Trump, and not because they’re racist goons, or goons of any kind. Several whom I know, and no doubt millions more, voted for him out of a well-founded fear that Biden/Harris will push avidly for an outright biofascist order. There are, of course, still others who believe that Trump cares more about the working class than do the Democrats, who make no secret of their loathing for them (i.e., the white ones, seeing the non-whites not as members of the working class but as “people of color”). I also know some Syrian-Americans who voted for Trump, fearing that the Democrats are likelier to ramp up the Western war against Assad.

While I believe those voters have largely got Trump wrong, and that he’s been playing them all along, that’s quite beside the point, which is that the sweeping, venomous portrayal of his whole “base” advanced by “the Resistance” is a hostile fantasy, reflecting vastly worse on the vengeful groupthinkers pushing it than on the (yes) diverse mass of fellow-citizens that they insist it represents. If that’s “the left,” who needs fascists?  

From Cat McGuire: 

Check out their intentions:

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