News from Underground is going on hiatus


This year has—to say the least—been very hard on all of us; and trying to keep track of all that’s going on has been increasingly hard on me. 

I’ve therefore decided to pull back, temporarily, from NFU, to focus on the restoration of my health. My ongoing battle with chronic Lyme disease requires that I now take a break from this one-man news service, which has become a challenge to maintain (even with your many contributions). 

This isn’t going to be easy for me, as sharing all this dissident material has become second nature; but I feel that I must take a breather, and look forward to continuing this urgent work as soon as I am fully up to it. 

Thank you for your engagement, and special thanks to those of you who have helped me with your generous donations. 


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Mark, Please take a look at paleo/keto diet, Gary Taubes, Travis Christofferson, Dom D’Agostino, metabolic theory of cancer, Tim Noakes, Malcolm Kendrick and a growing list of smart guys proving the official narrative hostile and flawed. It’s easier to take back health even from Lymes when armed with a bit of knowledge. Please keep on and keep on improving. Thank you. JN

Thank you Mark. Your platform has been an invaluable resource. Freedom is not a given. It has to be fought for by brave people who have the courage to stand up for truth and justice. You, sir, are a brave man.

Thank you so much for all your hard work in getting the news out to us all this while – Greatly appreciated by us here in the UK. Take it easy, restore your health and we are sure you must win your battle with the University

Thank you for everything you have done. As someone who also struggled with Chronic Lyme, I second what JN has said. You might also want to look at naturopathic help as well. I first began to take back my health with an osteopath who used Stephen Buhner’s herbal system. (“Healing Lyme”). It took some time, and lots of herbs, but I’m now OK. Good luck with that, and with your fight for academic freedom.

Much gratitude from a fellow Lymie for your important work. Self care is so very important! I pray you’ll be restored to full health soon.

Hey Mark, I feel lucky, though very sorry in a way, too, to be tuning in just as you are announcing your need for a hiatus, which I am sure you deserve. I hope you’ll find time to read the email I just sent you, from an NYU SDS veteran from 1968-69. (We actually lasted, more or less, until the Summer of 1971.) Do what you need to do to take care of yourself and I hope you begin to steadily improve and feel better soon. I hope you’ll feel you can reply to my email, too, as you have a chance. Happy Holiday Season! cheers** James

One meal a day diet will reduce inflammation and increase hgh levels, it will greatly help your health Mark. Get well brother! Write a book about the 2020 propaganda, keep fighting for and exposing the truth…

I’ve appreciated reading your posts. I wish healing for you. It’s terrible what they did to you, and many many others.

Take care MCM! At the moment, I am listening to your podcast episode with Tom Woods. While I am still digesting your story, I am shocked by how you have been treated. Thank you for speaking out and sharing your experience.

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