How to help me sue for libel (and for academic freedom and free speech)

This link will take you to the GoFundMe page:

Thank you!

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Heard you on Thaddeus. I want to sign you petition but can’t find where. Also, please teach your propaganda class on renegade! I will definitely sign up!!

Keep on! There are many of us who are still seeing in this country and are shouting from the rooftops!!!! I’m a nurse of over 35 years. I had given up on Facebook but people like you have given me the strength to get back on and start screaming again👍🏻

Just watching you on Del Bigtree’s, The Highwire. Awesome, awesome interview professor and I’m wholly on your side. As Del says to you in the interview, you are a beacon of light Professor Miller! I’m lifting you up that this will have the best outcome.

Came here from Highwire with Del Bigtree and I am praying for you, sir. I will be visiting the gofundme page when I get paid. Thank you for what you do. You are a Saint for dealing with some of the youth out there.

Just saw you on the Highwire. Keep your head up! You are one of my heroes! This past year has been rough for free minded thinkers.

So sorry this is happening to you but I’m so proud you are sticking up for yourself. Stay strong and keep fighting the good fight.

Please give a different way to donate. I refuse to use GoFundMe due to their censorship.

You can donate via PayPal or send a check. Let me know which one you prefer and I can send you an email.

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