Tom Woods on “the COVID cult” (MUST-SEE)

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Excellent. I like the presentation of graphs and querying people when they guess the mask mandate started. I had a similar idea about a month ago for a parlor game to be played among the scientifically/technically literate. In my game, on one wall are mounted the graphs with markings on the x and y axes presenting COVID-related deaths and “cases”, but nothing indicating the jurisdiction which the data represented. On an opposite wall are mounted placards listing the jurisdictions and list of measures taken, if any, to try to repress the spread the COVID virus, with dates enacted.

The objective of each player is to try to correctly match the placard with the graph representing the jurisdiction. I contend that no player is likely to correctly match graph with the respective list of repression measures with a greater frequency than chance would predict.

The speaker, Tom Woods, is a politically conservative economist. However, a more left-leaning playwright, CJ Hopkins, has written an essay with an almost identical title expressing essentially the same views as Woods. Worth reading in my opinion:

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