Gov. Newsom is SO sorry for flouting his own COVID-19 restrictions by attending a 50th-birthday party with 12 friends at the French Laundry, a 3-star Michelin restaurant

In this year’s Great Tradition of political and media celebrities blithely doing in private what they tell the rest of us we can and CANNOT do—a rogues’ gallery including Neil Ferguson, Dominic Cummings, Tony Fauci, Chris Cuomo, Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein and the Irish political elite, among others—Gavin Newsom proves AGAIN that those laying down the law on how to “stop the spread” don’t actually believe it’s necessary.

THAT, and not “hypocrisy,” is what all these embarrassments actually reveal: i.e., that we DON’T need to stop congregating, or wear masks, or stay six feet apart, and that all these preening tyrants know it.

When will the American people wake up to this horrendous scam, take their lives back, and demand that those foul liars get what’s coming to them?

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